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Caring for your Puppy's Eyes

The eyes of a puppy should be open about the middle of the second week. If they are not fully opened by that time, or if they appear screwed up, with a discharge from them, warm fomentations should be applied.

A stock solution which is very useful in treating discharges from the eye is made up as follows:
Zinc sulphate grs. 1
Boraeie aeid grs. xx
Distilled water oz. 1

Stand the bottle containing this solution in a dish of warm water until it is the required temperature; then dip absorbent cotton in it and place over the eyes. This should be done morning and night until the condition clears up. Yellow oxide of mecury is another useful thing to have around when eyes are giving trouble.

After treating the puppy in this manner, keep him away from the bitch for a time lest she lick the solution off and thus spoil your efforts. This treatment should give almost immediate results, but if not, examine the eyes to see whether there is any irritation being caused by eyelashes impinging on the eyeball. If any are found, remove them with a pair of eyebrow tweezers.

All puppies have a blue cast in the iris of their eyes until they are about six weeks old; they should have their proper eye color at about eight weeks. If after two months a puppy shows a blue tinge in the eye, the color is not going to be satisfactory.
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