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Dog Beds & Care

  Keep in mind that dogs like to sleep together, and make the dog beds large enough to accommodate several. I have seen as many as eight dogs sleeping in an overturned barrel, not because they had to but because they chose that spot themselves. A heavy wooden packing case turned on its side and raised from the floor several inches, with a sack hung over the entrance to keep out drafts, makes a very good bed. In cold weather always keep fresh straw in it. This is much better than hay, as it is much warmer and more absorbent. It is also a lot better than sawdust. If you are using old blankets or rugs for bedding, be sure to air them frequently in the sunshine.

  If your dog lives in the house, be sure that he is kept moving when he goes out for exercise. Pneumonia is
just as dangerous to dogs as it is to man, and rushing from a hot room into the cold is one way to catch it.
Whether your dog is kept in the kennel or the house, it is not necessary to give him hot food or hot water during cold weather. Neither is it necessary to bathe him more than once in two weeks; once a month is sufficient if his quarters are kept clean. When he has had his bath, do not turn him loose to run until you have thoroughly dried his hair through to his hide in a warm room. In cold weather, brushing and combing will lessen the frequency with which you have to resort to the bath-tub.

  When hot weather comes around, your responsibilities are just as great. See that your dogs always have plenty of fresh water. If they are kept in runs, make sure that there is some shade for them to lie in. Do not get annoyed if your dog digs holes, even if he doesn't choose the place you would prefer for his excavation. Remember that the cool fresh earth feels as soothing to his skin as some of the beauty preparations or after-shave lotions you use.

  See that your dog's coat is kept well combed and brushed, and be active with that can of flea powder, for dogs pick up fleas every time they run through long grass. Do not think that because you " de-flea 'd" your dog some time last week, he is going to stay that way. Yours is a constant vigil, for fleas like taxes are always with us.

  These points apply to any dog or bitch, but in a greater degree to a busy stud. His chief need is to be kept healthy, and attention to these small details will go a long way in accomplishing that end. If you purchased a dog with a favorable record and if you keep him healthy, there is no reason why you cannot go right on getting just as good results as his former owner.

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